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  • 09.Aug
  • Queen at the London Riots
  • Many people are upset that The Queen wasn’t in London for the London Riots. So… Ladies and gentlemen who are leaving comments on The British Monarchy’s facebook page, worry no more. She was there: Click image to enlarge at full screen. Okay, I may have used a little Photoshop skills here. It’s actually a different […]

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  • 16.Apr
  • 5 Intelligent Questions to Ask
  • Here are 5 categories of questions good designers ask. I’m looking forward to being more self-aware of the questions I ask in the generative phase, making sure that they are diverging and not converging. I think it likely requires a little patience but I’m willing to wait for the ideas to ripen.

Guy Kawasaki’s Art of Innovation

“Great innovation occurs when you decide you want to make meaning in the world.” This and a few more highlights from Guy Kawaski at the Cisco Live 2009 ‘Art of Innovation’ speech.


I recently watched a speech on Innovation by Guy Kawasaki. Thought I’d share the highlights:

1. Make meaning.
“Great innovation occurs when you decide you want to make meaning in the world.” (Put this ahead of profits)

2. Make a mantra.
This is different from the typical mission statement that says “We will provide quality such and such, put the customers first, be innovative, etc.” A mantra is short, like “Healthy Fast Food.”

This is also known as defining your company’s DNA. For example, part of my DNA is that I’m Idahoan. Being raised on a farm is a big part of who I am and to pretend that I’ve always been a city girl would go against my DNA.

Jonathan Ives discusses this point in a recent conversation with the Royal College of Art.

3. Jump to the next curve.
This is about pushing yourself to the next benchmark. If you are at A, don’t settle for A.1, go to B.

4. Roll the dice.
Make something ‘deep, intelligent, complete and elegant’.

5. Don’t worry, be crappy.
Perfection is the enemy of revenue.

6. Let 100 flowers blossom.
If you get customers you don’t expect, find out why and take their money. Give them more reasons to use you.

7. Cut your losses.
If people don’t get your revolution in 10 minutes, they’ll never get it.

8. Polarise people.
Don’t feel that you have to win everyone over. When you make something great, there will be people who love it and hate it. Don’t be afraid of that.

9. Churn baby churn.
Lots of people will say it won’t work. Ignore them. After it ships, then listen to how it can be improved.

10. Niche thyself.
Put yourself at the top of uniqueness and value. Don’t be just a ¬†little of both.

11. Follow the 10, 20, 30 rule:
10 slides, 20 minutes, 30 point type.

12. Don’t let the bozos drag you down.
“If you listen to a loser, that makes you a loser.”

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