Dr. Corrine Beaumont has a PhD in graphic design from Buckinghamshire New University and Brunel University, London. She is the founder of Worldwide Breast Cancer, an online resource for breast cancer detection materials which has educated over 90,000 people. She was Creative Director at the Centre for Open and Sustainable Learning at Utah State University, where she was the creative lead in developing online learning resources, working with MIT, Johns Hopkins and other universities. For six years, she also owned a small design firm and designed work for Target, Sears and other American retail chains.

She currently is a lecturer in design and entrepreneurship in London, teaching students how to develop customer oriented businesses and embeds social media in the classroom. Her research interests are in communication design, design thinking and service design application, particularly in healthcare.

And yes, she’s from Idaho.

Portfolio available here.


Design thinking, communication design, service design, lean startups, social media, open education

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